Basic Attention Token (BAT-USDC)


The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a blockchain-based system for tracking media consumers’ time and attention on websites using the Brave web browser. Built on Ethereum, its goal is to efficiently distribute advertising money between advertisers, publishers, and readers of online marketing content and ads.

Yesterday, April 9, 2021, BAT-USDC indicated that it was the most volatile within Coinbase Pro. There were a great many coins and tokens that generated positive returns on investments, but BAT was king or queen for the day; generating profits five times. Column G; Header F (Frequency) is a new metric that is designed to weigh an asset based on performance within the XIIMM architecture. A single point is awarded to an asset after the profit taking that is greater than or equal to a +2% return on investment. In theory, assets that carry more weight should also carry a larger distribution of investment.

Assets are not always top performers, as is the case with BAT. Today is April 10, 2021, and rather than apply the double-down effect during uncertain times, we opted to pick away at the previous set in an attempt to lower the average price paid (APP). The first thing we did is change the colors FROM Text color: red on Highlight color: black TO Text color: purple on Highlight color: black; the seven levels. Each level has the doubling effect applied, which can be either the doubling of shares or the doubling of dollars. In this case, we doubled the dollars seven times.

We then sorted those seven purple rows by “Column D; Heading APP; Ascending” to move Level 1 to the Level 7 position. This is so we can aggressively attack the highest APP. Since Dollar Cost Average (DCA) includes averaging up and/or down, it is possible that some other level winds up in position seven. This is not the case with BAT, however. Crypto within the XIIMM are trading at a 10 blocksize, which indicates that the blocks are $10.00 or 10 whole shares. In this case, the blocks are $10.00 + Doubling Effect, e.g., $10.00, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, $80.00, $160.00 and $320.00 (Level 7).

Even with the most recent dipping, BAT is still number one based on the aforementioned point system detailed in paragraph one. That will not always be the case as time goes on, and as BAT fails to generate points. This is because an asset is penalized one point for each day that passes without a profit taken. For instance, “Column F; Heading I (Idle)” is +1, and therefore, “Column G; Heading F (Frequency)” is penalized one point: =SUM(5-F65). This is designed so that a thriving asset that fades will indicate the reallocation of time, money and resources to an higher ranking asset; to something else that has earned our attention.

Just to reiterate, we changed the color code from red to purple, and shifted the highest APP to position seven. Position seven is the target, we need to average down from there, take profit, and thus, wipe clean position seven in hopes of racking up a point for BAT. Since position seven is our target, we made that position BOLD, and labeled that Level 1. The subsequent five red lines depict the “Doubling Effect” (Levels 2 – 6) e.i., $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, $80.00 & $160.00. Level 7 ($320.00) is queued at a -2% increment.

Because BAT is based on the Ethereum blockchain, we need to watch Ethereum (ETH-USD), because BAT-USDC and ETH-USD are often very similar. Additionally, Bitcoin (BTC-USD) can also influence ETH-USD, which can ripple through BAT-USDC, as well. Therefore, it is very wise to keep an eye on the grandparents, so to speak. At the time of writing this paragraph, both BTC-USD and ETH-USD are experiencing a flash dip; the time is 11:11 AM PST for those savvy enough to check the historical reference.

~Grand Master Jatslo

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