Numeraire Token (NMR-USD)


NMR is the digital asset token used to pay for services on the Numeraire network. It is built on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC20 standard for tokensNMR can be bought and sold for fiat currency or other digital currencies. NMR can be stored in a crypto wallet and custodian like Gemini.

The XIIMM Leaders have identified the Numeraire Token (NMR-USD) as being the best trade today; April 4, 2021. HAPPY EASTER!!!! The XIIMM Portfolio is the catalyst; the agent that provoked action.

The following spreadsheet is representative of the action that is underway. Just to recap, we previously performed a Dollar Cost Average (DCA) on Levels 1 & 2, we took profits, and reset to Level 1: 10 Block Size. Since then, that block has appreciated in value. Our DCA will, in effect, be averaging up to within -1% of the peak. Watch us within the spreadsheet below:

Since the Numeraire Token (NMR-USD) is derived from Ethereum (ETH-USD), we will be tracking the ETH-USD market price in earnest. For instance, NMR-USD +49.69% vs ETH-USD +2.31% 10:57 AM PST. This makes the Numeraire Token (NMR-USD) the percentage point winner. Volatility is King, because if the money is not moving, then that money can not be obtained.

We will be communicating within the XIIMM Main Chat, which is powered by Facebook. Sending a friend request to JATSLOXIIMM will get you added to the aforementioned chat. In addition, you can join the XIIMM Group, which is also powered by Facebook. This too will land you in the XIIMM Main Chat.

~ Grand Master Jatslo

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