Re-evaluating XIIMM Practicality


We need to really think hard about the exact message we are trying to convey to the affected population, and when that informed decision is made, we also need to make that decision very clear and concise to our audience. Our audience is the world; all of humanity. We also need to make the necessary time to work this out, which is easier said than done. The XIIMM is a collective for collaborators, and is in fact a byproduct of collaboration. If you buy, sell and/or trade then this is the place to be. Persuading those that do not buy, sell and/or trade is incumbent upon the XIIMM community.

The art of persuasion includes the success of the very people who are being persuaded. Those people will first follow their leader until they themselves have retained the empirical knowledge necessary to work independently. The people who can clearly and concisely demonstrate their acquired ability could then lead others either here and/or in some other place of their choosing. The objective is to lead by example, and thus, fundamentally bombard the population in hopes of developing their weaknesses, so they become strong, and pass that knowledge on.

We have quantified processes, and protocols that when followed very precisely, the people who do, will profit 99.9999% of the time. The hypothesis has been fully tested, is repeatable, and peer reviewed. Everyone should be buying, selling and/or trading and/or having someone who can perform that function for them. This is a great opportunity for a delegator to create a great many opportunities on the world stage. The XIIMM leaders are those who demonstrate their acquired abilities for those who follow. Passing that information to those in need is the problem; the way we are conveying messages currently is impractical in terms of time management.

We are still buying, selling and trading (see also: The XIIMM Portfoilio). Our most experienced leaders can be seen adding and subtracting assets in real-time from that portfolio. We are also still collaborating, and we communicate daily, 24/7/365, in fact. The XIIMM Main Chat is powered by Facebook Messenger. Sending me a friend request will get you automatically added to that chat interface as part of a first step in a long process. I am Jatslo; find me at, so we can get the ball rolling.

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